April’s Story

My name is April Wheeler, and I have had the pleasure of being not only an Elf for Ellie’s Elves from time to time over the past seven years but also a recipient of their services when I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in late 2020.

I have seen and been part of the process when families within our community have received assistance and love from Elves sent by Ellie’s Elves. The sense of relief the parents and guardians feel when Ellie’s Elves provides them with gifts for the whole family, cleaning services, and meals – from total strangers is heartwarming.

As a long-time resident of Stafford County, I did not know such an organization as Ellie’s Elves existed until a good friend underwent cancer treatment. Then I heard and saw all that a small band of volunteers was willing to do for someone they heard was in need – they put their best effort into doing what they could for this young mother with five kids. This experience allowed me to meet Joni and several other Elves, providing me opportunities to become an Elf myself during different events and help other families within the community.

When I received my cancer diagnosis, I had friends who reached out to Ellie’s Elves on my behalf, knowing that I would need their assistance when I was going through my treatments. The love and kindness my family and I received from Ellie’s Elves and their volunteers cannot be priced.

Ellie’s Elves and their community Elves were a God-send during my time of need.

I cannot say enough to thank Ellie’s Elves and its volunteers – to say that Ellie’s Elves supported me in my time of need is not enough –

“Ellie’s Elves is a band of angels that keep spreading their light and love to their community, and I cannot say enough about that.”

April Wheeler | October 24, 2023