Harvi’s Story

My name is Harvi Courtney. In 2019 I experience a major loss, the death of my mother. I experienced homelessness for about a year and a half. I lived couch to couch – floor to floor.

I was able to get a home thanks to Ellie’s Elves and transitions4u. Ellie’s Elves has helped me with clothing, food and other necessities for my family. And at Christmas, the Elves spread Christmas joy and magic by sponsoring my family and brightening the holidays for us.

I am thankful and grateful beyond belief. It is such a blessing that I have had the honor to be a recipient of the love and blessings that the Elves have offered. They have restored my faith in the world, knowing that there are good people in the world still.

Harvi Courtney | October 18, 2023