Holley’s Story

Joni and Ellie’s Elves were a gift to me during my journey with leukemia. I was half a century old when this occurred, and like all of us, it was shocking and scary news. I called Joni right away and asked her so many questions which she graciously answered. We both have a deep faith in God and he was my rock for the next few years.

A gift from cancer is that I became even closer to God.

Holley Ryan

Ellie’s Elves as well as my friends and family showed such an incredible outpouring of love. This is one of the gifts of cancer – being so so loved! I was provided many yummy meals – some from people I didn’t even know!

One day as my thick luxurious hair (I’ve always loved my hair!) was becoming thin, Joni came over and shaved it for me. That was a real punch in the gut, yet with Joni’s positivity and even laughter, it lessened the sadness.

Ellie’s Elves also provided us with free electrical work. My daughter was 13 at the time and we had promised her a “teen girl” bedroom makeover. She really wanted this funkily chandelier and my husband tried to install, but soon realized we needed a professional, which Ellie’s Elves provided.

That was a true blessing…I felt a lot of mom guilt not being there for my daughter at this tender and pivotal age (I was at John Hopkins for 5 months), but at least she got her real teenage bedroom set up.

Thank you Ellie’s Elves for truly being led by the spirit to offer help and hope to those experiencing cancer! You are wonderful and I love you Joni!

Thank you for being such a light in this community. I was so grateful when you were there for me, and I know that others feel the same way! Lots of love!

Holley Ryan | October 24, 2023