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The Grinch is known for his dislike of Christmas and the steps he will take to keep others from enjoying this holiday. What he isn’t known for, but should be, is the way he brings smiles to the faces of so many as they witness his transformation. When he falls in love with Christmas, they fall in love with it all over again as well.

Liam Jackson is one boy who loved the Grinch. In fact, he adored this character so much that when doctors diagnosed him with ADL (Cerebral Adrenoleukodystrophy), a local group of volunteers came together under the direction of Ellie’s Elves to create Whoville in his front yard complete with a visit from The Grinch.

ADL is an incurable degenerative brain disorder that damages the membrane (myelin sheath) that covers nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. Sadly, Liam lost his life to this disease on December 8, 2023. If that isn’t enough, his parents also need to monitor his infant sister, who they have learned is a carrier of the same genetic condition.

His parents are planning his funeral and need help in paying for it. They want to show how much all who met him, including the Grinch and others from Whoville, loved and adored this little boy.

With your help, we can help ease the financial burden for the Jackson Family during this difficult time.

Please contribute to Liam’s funeral and celebration of life fund. Any contribution will help the family, whether it is $25 or $2500. Together, we can let it shine and show them how much the community loved their little boy.

Together, we can let it shine and show them how much the community loved their little boy.    

Thank you to everyone who can support this family!  Your generosity allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of this local family.  Thank you!

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Ellie's Elves is no longer accepting donations for this fundraiser. Thank you for your support.

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