Release Of Information

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Release Of Information

Required For All Individuals & Families Being Considered

Each family being considered for one of Ellie’s Elves’ Service Programs is required to complete a Release Of Information (ROI) Form.  Once you have completed and submitted the online ROI form, please look for an email from Portant to sign the document electronically.  This electronic signature is necessary to complete the process.  If you don’t see an email from Portant in your inbox, check your spam folder.

Submit completed forms to (if you print out and complete the PDF Version of the Application or PDF Formulario Imprimible – En Espanol) OR submit your form through the online submission form below.

Please Note:  If you wish to retain a copy of this form for your records, make sure to select “send me a copy of my response” at the end of the form – just above the submit button.

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