Star Fredericksburg Student’s Light Shines Through Community

Windsor, an 11th grader from Fredericksburg, shines her light through the community by volunteering and interning for a local delegate.

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — Star Students are found in classrooms, on concert and theater stages and at debate lecterns, and out in the community doing good things to make life better for all of us.

Here at Patch, we’ve launched an initiative to help recognize Star Students, and we’re working to tell the stories of these outstanding kids to their neighbors.

This submission comes from Joni Kanazawa who nominated Windsor, 11th Grade of Fredericksburg. Kanazawa said she appreciates the light that Windsor brings through her volunteer and extracurricular work.

Local student’s name

Windsor, 11th Grade

Star local student’s home state


How do you know the star local student?

She’s my child

Why do you believe the star local student should be recognized?

Windsor is not only a straight-A student, but she balances her schooling with volunteer work and leading extracurricular programs. Windsor is the Youth Volunteer Coordinator for local nonprofit Ellie’s Elves, helping local families facing a major medical diagnosis or other recent, unforeseen crisis. She is the President of her school’s safe driving program YOVASO as well as serves on the state YOVASO Youth Advisory Committee and the state Advisory Committee. Windsor starred as Dorothy in last year’s REACH performance of the Wizard of Oz. Windsor stays active with local and state politics as an intern for our local State Delegate. Windsor’s strong faith shines through her actions and she will be traveling with a group of local churches to help this summer at an orphanage in Cusco, Peru. She is an avid writer and artist when she is not helping the family on our small farm. Windsor is a sounding board for countless friends and a beloved ally to her rescue animals. I am truly blessed to witness this young lady grow up and show so much promise!

What’s the one thing you want everyone to know about the star local student?

Her light shines bright in our community. Between schooling through Liberty University Online Academy and helping in our community, Windsor is a true leader among her peers.

Congratulations on your achievements, and all of our best wishes to you in the future, Windsor, 11th Grade!

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