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2 Adults, 3 Kids
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The Street Family needs help with medical and household support. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.  With your help, we can help ease the financial burden for the Street Family during this difficult time.  Thank you, in advance, to everyone who can support this family! 

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$1,125.00 Raised of the $10,000.00 goal from 4 people
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Impact The LIGHT Of This Local Family

The Street family has been struggling on their own for years now and has reached a point of having nowhere else to turn but to ask for help from the community.  Vanessa Street has given her time and skills to Ellie’s Elves to help others for many years.  Now she and her family need our help.

In 2017, her husband fell very ill and had 2 kidney surgeries.  They sold their home to avoid foreclosure and to help pay his medical bills.  In 2019, her husband’s stomach ruptured and they almost lost him.  The next year his gallbladder and bile ducts were removed.  Then came the diagnosis of severe ulcerative colitis that causes painful inflammation from his esophagus through his digestive tract causing bleeding ulcers.  This condition requires constant, costly medication.  In 2020, their landlord decided to sell the townhome they were renting and with COVID in full swing, they had nowhere else to turn than to move into her parent’s basement.  This was supposed to be temporary, but they are still living there today.

Her husband has had numerous emergency surgeries since, but has managed to maintain a job that requires physical labor for 10 years while living with the pain of his deteriorating kidneys in order to maintain medical insurance for himself and his family.  He will have this condition for life and his medical bills and medication bills continue to mount.  On top of that, this year their daughter struggled with her mental health and had a baby at 16.  With treatment, she is doing better and is about to graduate High School early.

Vanessa was laid off work.  She was helping take care of her daughter, baby grandson, and 97 year old grandmother who was on hospice.  She also works part-time at Kincheloe Spay & Neuter Clinic. 

On January 30, 2024, this family was dealt yet another blow.  Vanessa was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and is in need of a full hysterectomy.  The cost of the surgery after insurance is $6,800, which they do not have.  They are buried in medical bills from her husband’s illness and she will need to take some time off work in order to recover from her surgery which will put further strain on the family’s already exhausted budget.  Their family has been fighting this battle on their own for years and now are at the point that they need a helping hand.

They have been praying through these difficult times and know God is good and has a plan for them.  As Vanessa says, “If everyone who reads this donates just $1 and shared it, we would have a small sliver of peace while I heal from surgery. A small glimmer of hope.  I promise I will pay it forward as soon as I am able.”  

Please help us shine a little light on this family and donate what you can to help them through this dark time.

The Street family appreciates all the love and support they have been given.

Together, we can let it shine and show them how much the community cares.  

Thank you to everyone who can support this family!  Your generosity allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of this local family.  Thank you!

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Ellie's Elves is no longer accepting donations for this fundraiser. Thank you for your support.

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