What is the community saying about Ellie's Elves?

Of course we are proud of the work we’ve done in the community and the impact we’ve had on families in crisis in our area. But it is extra special to hear what the community is saying about us – especially when they see our passion and support our efforts.  Ellie’s Elves is making a difference locally for families in crisis because we care, but don’t take our word for it – view the testimonials below and decide for yourself.

One of my favorite Non Profits around! Always going over and beyond to bring joy to others who are in a hard time.

— Chloe Alexa Cummings, April 2023

Wonderful organization helping others with ill children.

CeCee Embrey, September 2022

They are always working to help the community!

— Joyce Jett, January 2021

This is a very giving and caring organization! They do so much for the community! I try to help them when I can. If you have the opportunity to help them please do so!! Thanks!

— Cynthia Williams KrassEllie’s Elves’ Volunteer, November 2021

Where do I begin, Ellie's Elves has the most caring and compassionate people behind it, my daughter was in ICU down at UVA for two months and when we did get discharged and came home, I noticed her crib rails were cracked, so I ended up putting her in the bed with me, but she has to have a pulse ox and a heated trach collar hooked up to her at night so that didn't leave me a lot of room to sleep. So I reached out to Ellie's Elves because financially we were in no shape to buy a crib new or used to see if they had a crib and Charlotte had a crib by that afternoon. My family can't thank them enough for everything they have done for us. Y'all are awesome!

Jamie Warner Sellers, June 2019

All the amazing elves that I have met are just so awesome. Thank you all for doing so much for our community and thank you for letting me be part of the money raising process at Amy's Cafe. It is such a fun time.

Alise Barton, Ellie’s ElvesVolunteer, September 2019

Ellie's Elves goes above and beyond any organization I have known or worked with. Their claim to service when I first learned about Ellie's Elves was support to families of those who battled cancer, mainly children. I have watched them grow into a well-known and well-respected charity, taking care of any family in crisis, be it medical or otherwise. Joni Moore Kanazawa, who started this program, always rallies around those in need and it warms my soul to see others now rally around Joni when she puts out a call for help for a family who has fallen on hard times. Because of Joni and Ellie's Elves, I know who to contact when troubles arise because they have shown a compassionate and serving heart for this community.

ReBecca Weedo Bennett, December 2019

Ellie's Elves ALWAYS stretching their arms wide open to assist their fellow man in times of need and struggle, sometimes during their hardest journey that life offers...Elves shining their lights all over this community today, maybe the world tomorrow! I remember my 1st experience helping two Elves, Joni and Elizabeth...sneakily, with much planning and networking, gathering everything needed...from curtains to paint...seashells and starfish, elbow grease and fresh paint, hours of nailing and hammering, planting and watering, a trip to my shed, closets, and even something blue off of my coffee table...to renovate the house of the mother of an angel that colored my world with the beautiful colors of light during her last journey. #ErinFines4Ever #LetItShine

Cindi McCleary, Ellie’s Elves Volunteer, June 2018

Ellie's Elves is an amazing organization. They blessed my family for Christmas this year. I'm truly amazed at what they can do for other...

Jessica Williams, December 2017

Great heart - great motivation to make a difference!

Cindi Causey, Potomac Point Winery & Vineyard

Ellie's Elves does outstanding work within the community. They work with people of all ages who are facing a crisis to help them through the difficult time so they can come out strong on the other side. People need support during a crisis and this organization has people across the country willing to step in and lend a hand.

Jen S., Ellie’s Elves’ Volunteer

Ellie's Elves is an awesome organization that really impacts even beyond the Fredericksburg community.

Chad Alexander, Story Collaborative

Elves always do good. This organization takes the richness of their compassion toward their neighbors, combines it with their dedicated hard work and together their goodwill, kindess and support exemplify the love all of us can give away to our vulnerable brothers and sisters right here in our communities.

Fr Michael Briese, Fr Michael’s Mission Inc.

This organization helps the family of all surrounding communities in need whether it's clothes, shoes, expecting a new additon to your family or to support a member of your family enduring an illness and things are tough with meals and/or to support the family emotionally and give encouragement thru raising funds or setup event to bring joy to your loved one with small things that will seem so huge to them.

Shequilla Wall, Senses4Creations

Joni and her team of selfless little Elves are simply amazing! Have you ever met someone who has overcome so much and yet puts everyone else first? Well then wait til you meet Joni! I'm not sure where I would be if it wasn't for your hard work, dedication and love! I love you! #letitshine

Melissa Myers, November 2016

Words can't even begin to describe how much Ellie's Elves means to my family and I. The amount of love and support we have experienced through Joni, Beth, and the Elves has been such a ray of light during such a trying time. My sister, Erin, was in her final stages of colon cancer back in March of this year when Joni came into our lives. If there was anything Erin or her two little boys needed, the Elves made sure we had it. Erin said Joni was her angel on earth, and it couldn't have been more true. My dear sister got her angel wings on April 6th, 2016. We had a beautiful family night / celebration of life thanks to the Elves, they truly made it so very special. In June 2016, Joni and her Elves came into my Mom and Dad's home (also where Erin and her boys lived) and gave it a beautiful beachy makeover (the beach was Erin's favorite place). It is so beautiful, and it just lifted the overwhelming sadness we were experiencing. We are forever greatful!!! We love Joni so very much, and I honestly don't think I could have gotten through these past 8 months without her!! #letitshine

Elizabeth Newton, November 2016

Ellie's Elves are actual angels on Earth. They magically appear to help families devastated by a loved ones cancer to find a little light. Whether its planning a birthday bash, turning a bedroom into a dream land, or even remodeling an entire house they are there to spread their light. They help to soothe the pain...the isolation...the torment that cancer unfairly attacks beloved family members with. They are angels on Earth.

Mary Johnson, November 2016

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