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Mattie, Barbara, Michael, and Olivia Warren

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Throughout the pandemic Barbara began feeling ill. When she saw the doctor, it was assumed due to her healthy appearance, she was fine. After insisting on further testing, Barbara was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in September 2021. After her surgery in April 2022, it was determined she had stage 4 colon cancer (metastasized to the liver and lungs).

During chemotherapy treatments, Barbara remained committed to caring for her family. Not only did Barbara take her children to/from school, care for her legally blind mother-in-law (who resides with them), and work, but she also helped her husband, Michael, navigate his health issues.

As a young boy, Michael received eye drops that practically destroyed his cornea, known as the Steven Johnson Syndrome. This resulted in Michael going blind in one eye and losing most of his sight in his other eye. With perseverance, Barbara and Michael found a specialist at the Duke Eye Center (Durham, NC) who determined his left eye had a corona scar. Using stem cells, the doctors were able to restore his vision. Barbara made sure Michael made all his appointments at the Duke Eye Center, not letting chemotherapy stop Michael’s treatment. Currently, Michael is getting evaluated for scleral lenses due to ocular complications.

Barbara has been fighting her cancer with great determination and bravery.  She strongly encourages everyone to get screened for colon cancer.  This disease can be preventable with early screening.

Throughout the entire fight, Barbara and her family have remained positive, optimistic, and willing to help the next person. However, Barbara can no longer care for her family like she desires; she cannot help her beautiful fifteen-year-old daughter Olivia with driver’s education or the college search, and her spunky eleven-year-old, Mattie, navigate middle school.

When she exhausted her chemotherapy options, she participated in a clinical trial, in hopes of finding the correct medication to give her more time with her family. Unfortunately, the clinical trial did not give the results they had hoped for. Barbara was forced to quit work due to the growth of cancer. As the cancer continued to progress, Barbara became more tired, weak, and in pain, resulting in the painful decision for Barbara to start hospice.

As if this family has not faced enough, Michael’s mother (legally blind & resides with the family) was recently diagnosed with melanoma, a form of skin cancer.

This has placed a heavy burden on Michael. He is the sole breadwinner, and he is responsible for his children, his wife, and his mother. The reality is setting in, the medical bills are piling up and their savings account is being depleted.

Sadly, Barbara passed on February 7, 2024.

If you feel inclined to make a financial donation the Warren family would truly appreciate it. It would give Michael great sense of peace not to worry (as much) about the financial burden this has placed on his family. 

The Warren family appreciates all the love and support they have been given.

Together, we can let it shine and show them how much the community cares.  

Thank you to everyone who can support this family!  Your generosity allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of this local family.  Thank you!

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